Scalable Technology That Can Analyze and Sort Powders on a Particle-by-Particle Basis


For Field, Laboratory or Mine

Portable Mineral Lab

Our Portable Mineral Lab analyzes every particle of a crushed rock sample using an advanced inGaas near infrared sensor.  Get the complete chemical composition of any sample right in the field.  Weighs 3 pounds and can operate all day on a battery. 

Production Mineral Separator

We are developing a one ton per hour universal mineral separator using the same patent pending technology as our portable mineral lab.  Modular design allows you to increase capacity by adding units.  An easy way to produce any mineral concentrate without chemicals or water.   

Completely New Technology

We have a filed a patent on the Universal Mineral Separator technology which combines advance sensors, software, and pneumatic control.  Our technology is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and will allow operators to produce any mineral concentrate they can mine.